Calasanz Weight Training

In this photo, Calasanz is working on one of his favorite “grounding” exercises. It helps develop powerful upright and lower stances, as well as tremendous upper body strength. He’s using a 30 pound weighted bat so in addition to training his legs, he is also working the shoulders, arms and wrists.

The Calasanz Physical Arts of New Haven Connecticut is one of many satellite gyms that are peppered throughout Fairfield County. These gyms are managed by Calasanzs trainers who have been trained rigourously through Calasanz and have proven worthy of the certificate of Black Belt. This particular center is run by Calasanz Black Belt Sokha Roos. Sokha began his training in the art of Thai Kickboxing at the age of 5 in his native Cambodia. He was training daily in martial arts techniques in a Cambodian Temple by traditional Buddhist monks until he was 15-years-old. When he came to the US at the age of 19, he was determined to expand his training in martial arts and became a master in numerous martial arts.

Sokha and all other Calasanz trainers live by Calasanz philosophy:

“I’d like to offer you the chance to transform your body and your life.” Calasanz


The InterDojo in 2009

January 17, 2009

The InterDojo will go through some changes this year (with little or no downtime). One of the changes will be the addition of our own social networking site.

The site will allow our students to interact with each other, instructors, Calasanz, and InterDojo customers. It will be a great place to discuss, learn, and read about the martial arts outside of your time at the dojo.

calasanz and student

The network will allow you to post and reply to forum threads, write your own blog about martial arts, chat with other members who are online at the same time, personalize your member page, and keep up to date with events at Calasanz and on the InterDojo. Best part is that the social networking is free!

We’ve just started this and it will eventually be integrated as part of the InterDojo. The social networking will remain free and the premium area of the InterDojo will be getting a huge price cut in the next few weeks.

The site is fully functional now but we’ve just started and we need people participating! Become one of the first members, start posting, blogging, socializing and help us build a great community!

Anyone, whether they are a student or not, can join. So if you know others that might be interested please pass the word around.

There is not doubt in anybody’s mind, especially those who know Beth, she is the most disciplined student we ever seen, or probably we ever have had. Physical Arts is what makes our system unique. For over 12 years Debra has never got tired of it, yet she is neither a fighter nor competitor, but  surviving when your life is being threatened is the key of why martial arts used to be and was created.

Beth and Calasanz Performing floor excersizes

This exercise works the entire body. Here you only see one part of the exercise, but you can find it in its entirety if you go to Both knees are bent and touching the floor. Then, lift one leg and execute a roundhouse kick. Repeat 10 times, switch legs and do 10 more reps with the opposite leg. Debra spent close to 5 years working out at a "gym" and did not see the kind of results from her workout until she began training in the Calasanz System. Anyone who follows her training now for an hour has a hard time keeping up with her.

Our students at Calasanz have found self disciplin within to continue thier routines even after moving out of the Fairfield county area by visiting the InterDojo daily. Check out what all the hypes about.

We have all heard of the Martial arts conferences and exhibitions. yet we only hear of them. Does anyone attend these things? It seems as though there is a small community within each city that hold exclusive meet and greets with professional fighters. These groups discuss various exercises


When you see this logo, along with our tag line Calasanz karate, Kung- Fu Kickboxing, boxing & physical arts, it is meant to give consumers the impression that we want to create martial artists.  Additionally, we want you to create balance in all areas of your life by applying the principles you learn here in the dojo. We want the martial arts to become a way of life for our students to achieve harmony both in the dojo and outside.

and techniques in which they have mastered.

But what about the normal man? The thirst for this information is shared by almost all who enjoy working out through the martial arts.

Well there is an answer! Really you ask? Its called the InterDojo. An exclusive website that features everything from work out tips to excersizes to drills you can do in your computer room. check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

check it out!

The Calasanz System

January 10, 2009

What is the Calasanz system? Well, that’s a great question. All Calasanz gyms in the Fairfield county area exclusively feature this unique form of martial art. The Calasanz System blends boxing, kickboxing, Kung Fu, Wing Chun and physical arts. This concoction of fighting skill may sound alot like MMA. The major difference is that the Calasanz System is taught in a non-brutal fashion. Safety is a major concern to all who attend Calasanz’ Gyms. In over 30 years the Calasanz system has evolved to include all ages and sizes. This system promotes weight loss and physical strength while conforming to an authentic dojo experience. ” Everyday I create better bodies and promote healthier lifestyle choices” explains Calasanz. “I want to promote my ideas through physical arts and create a better world for everyone.”

Calasanz and Stephanie performing bar excersizes at the Calasanz of Norwalk in Norwalk CT

"I've found that women tend to want exercises that will work the buttocks. The side kick seems to work that area quite nicely. Instead of an hour of aerobics, I recommend working a slow motion side kick while holding on to a ballet bar for balance for approximately 10 minutes. Once you've mastered that, try added very light ankle weights, from one to two pounds to increase your resistance. Remember, to work each side, work slowly and don't throw the leg to avoid injury. Work the side kick with control and you will feel the entire leg and buttocks get stronger and firmer over time." -Calasanz

What is Calasanz?

January 6, 2009

Hello everyone! This blog is erected to inform the world about Calasanz and his unique system of martial arts. This blog will feature daily posts with photos, text, and links, following the progress of students, instructors, and professional fighters.

Will you be fit for beach season?
Will you be fit for beach season?